Foundation Funds Prep Kits for Arnett GI Patients

Tracy Smith, a gastrointestinal patient navigator at Indiana University Health Arnett Hospital, was alarmed to learn that some of her patients couldn’t afford the prep kits for their GI procedures. The kits, which contain the necessary prep medications to clean the bowel out, cost just $20 or $25. For some patients, especially seniors on a fixed income, that cost was prohibitive. This meant that patients were unable to have the procedure performed.

“I paid for kits for a while myself to try to find something to fill that gap,” says Smith.

What she found was a grant from the Indiana University Health Foundation, which began funding the prep kits in August 2017. Since then the Foundation has paid for about 60 prep kits, from the Arnett Area of Greatest Need fund.

Smith says a burden has been lifted for many patients because of this funding. “When I tell them I want to help you, they state their gratitude,” said Smith.

“You can’t compare the importance of having these procedures completed,” said Smith. “These tests could save lives, and they do.”

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