Frankfort Pulmonary Rehab providing compassionate care

During a recent visit to IU Health Frankfort, president and CEO Dennis Murphy delivered a values-based compliment to Ann Powell and Raimie Wainscott based on a letter received from a patient signing their praises.

The letter read:

I am not much of a writer, a 66-year-old woman with an important message to share. I smoked for 50 years. I managed to stop last December (2018). Of course, not without doing much damage to the lungs. A disease called COPD. I was in the hospital at least 6 times last year. The heart does not react well with sick lungs. At times, I was very sick and frightened.

Dr. Diamond encouraged me to join pulmonary rehab at IU Health Frankfort. The best decision I have made for myself in years.

I was welcomed first by Dawn, the secretary. What a calm heart she has. Then to my surprise came two special women: Ann and Raimie. There is no doubt these ladies were there to not only teach but to comfort. That they have done!

I have been in rehab since December (2018). My breathing has improved, I haven’t been in the hospital this year (2019), and I look forward to the camaraderie twice a week. The vitals are checked first, if they aren’t satisfied, the ladies are right there watching. The workouts are provided for endurance, expansion of the lungs and for easier breathing and much more.

I cannot say enough about the program and Ann and Raimie. Not enough. To let a person with lung disease, know that there is help. The kindness, encouragement and education have pointed me in the right direction of wellness. Thanks ladies!

Thank you, Ann Powell and Raimie Wainscott, for making pulmonary rehab your purpose and for providing such compassionate care. Through our values, you are delivering the best care, designed for our patient.