Hip & Joint Pain Causes & Symptoms

Pain in the hips and joints arising due to arthritis or bursitis can cause difficulties in doing the day-to-day chores. Getting rid of hip and joint pain is easy with the use of the following ways:


Indulging in daily exercises like bridge exercise gets the muscles activated, engaged, and working. It is important to follow the steps correctly in order to avoid negative impacts or elevation in the pain. Exercising helps to strengthen the muscles around the hip and other joints, thereby, providing a better support to the bones during various movements.


If inflammation is seen in the paining joint, it is better to apply ice on it. It helps to reduce the inflammation. Doctors usually advice icing 4 to 5 times a day for about 15 minutes if the pain is too severe. A common method of applying ice is wrapping a towel around a pack of ice and placing it on the inflamed joint.


Another effective method of relieving pain in hip and joint due to arthritis is warming up the joint. Generally, a hot bath or shower helps to soothe the pain. When the pain in hip is caused due to bursitis, heating is avoided because it can make the inflammation even worse.


Stretching is a good way of relaxing the muscles around the hips and joints. It is especially effective in case of hip pain from bursitis. Different types of stretching exercises are employed to relieve the pelvic muscles and overcome the hips pain completely over a period of time.


Inner and outer thighs are important muscles group that help in supporting the hips. Therefore, strengthening them can prove highly beneficial in case of hip pain. Exercises of thighs are generally performed with the use of a large ball.


Water aerobics & swimming are great ways of getting relief from joint and hip pains. Such exercises allow the strengthening of muscles without putting much pressure and stress on the joints.


Exercises like jumping, running, and climbing can make the pain from bursitis and arthritis worse. People with conditions of hip and joint pain are advised to avoid such exercises. Walking at a slow pace is best suited for them.


People with extra weight in their body are likely to suffer from severe conditions of joint pain. If there is already a condition of hip pain or joint pain, the few extra pounds put excess pressure, causing the joint muscles to wear & tear and worsen the condition. So, it is better to loses body weight and offset the excess pressure from the joints & it also people goes to chiropractors in Oklahoma City for release pain.

If the use of above measures do not bring positive results, it is better to seek other options of treatment such as medication, alternative therapy, injections, braces & splints, etc. Different types of pain relievers are available in the market that helps to reduce the swelling and pain in hips and joints. Cortisone injections are also used to provide immediate relief from pain. Usually, injections are recommended is the pain unbearable. Alternative therapies like magnetic pulse therapy and acupuncture Okc have proven greatly effective in treating joint pain. These therapies are used to stimulate certain specific areas and bring about relief.

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