How one nurse spent a summer weekend

What’s a hard-working nurse do to unwind on a weekend? Sara Richman tried something new – goat yoga.

A little bit unconventional and a lot of fun, goat yoga is an exercise that well, incorporates live goats with a yoga routine. Participants benefit from the relaxation of the exercise and also from the interaction with the free-roaming animals. There’s another bonus too – lots of great photo ops.

And Richman, a nurse at IU Health North, wasn’t the lone participant in her group.

She was host to four college friends – all from different states – who share a common interest. They were all in nursing school together at the University of Cincinnati. Each summer they come together for a sort of mini reunion.

“Goat yoga was a blast,” said Richman, who grew up in Trenton, Ohio and knew in middle school that she wanted to become a nurse. “I became a candy striper and through volunteering at the hospital I received a scholarship that paved the way to nursing school,” said Richman.

She and her husband, Zac, moved to Indiana in 2008 and she first worked as a traveling pulmonary care nurse for Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health. She then worked as the cystic fibrosis nurse coordinator at Riley for five years before switching to IU Health North Hospital. At North she is the allergy nurse coordinator working in Riley pulmonary, allergy and sleep medicine.

“I love working with pediatric patients in the outpatient setting. I love providing allergy and asthma education to our families. I love being their advocates and seeing them return to clinic feeling more comfortable,” said Richman who has a five-year-old daughter. As a mom, Richman makes it her goal to make her patients laugh and smile by telling them bad jokes.

She also loves her co-workers.

“We are so supportive of each other and know how to have a good laugh,” said Richman. And like her co-workers at IU Health, her nursing school friends are a big part of her network. Their weekend included limited nursing talk but lots of rest and relaxation. “My nursing friends are my best friends. We truly have a special bond that is the most caring, honest, and non-judgmental kind of friendship you could only dream about. We are so blessed to have each other.”

— By T.J. Banes, Journalist, IU Health.
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