IU Health Foundation Grants to Benefit West Central Indiana

Thirteen projects will be funded at IU Health White Memorial, IU Health Arnett and IU Health Frankfort hospitals after being awarded grants by the IU Health Foundation.

IU Health White Memorial Hospital was awarded seven grants from the hospital’s Area of Greatest Need fund, including projects submitted by clinical staff to solve problems they see in their daily work:

  • $14,985 for a LUCAS chest compression device for the Emergency Department, to help resuscitate patients in cardiac arrest.
  • $9,290 for radios and microphones staff can use during emergency management situations and daily security communications.
  • $6,610 for a heated cabinet to keep food at safe temperatures before it is served to patients.
  • $4,000 for IV poles on wheels in the medical surgical department, so patients can increase their mobility.
  • $2,917 for a bigger MRI-compatible wheelchair to improve the comfort and accessibility of patients undergoing MRIs, especially older patients; the new chair will accommodate 95% of patients.
  • $2,589 for a drug take back box, which allows the hospital to safely receive and dispose of unused medications, protecting community members from drug misuse.
  • $480 for food and drinks to comfort patients’ families.

IU Health Arnett Hospital received funding for five projects, three from the Area of Greatest Need fund and one each from the Arnett Education Fund and Community Initiatives Fund:

  • $23,425 for a Nursing Anne Simulator, a lifelike mannequin used in preparing clinical staff for high-risk situations.
  • $12,600 to implement a tobacco cessation program focused on aiding patients who have identified their readiness to quit; 95% of smokers who try to quit on their own fail.
  • $12,000 for creating a comfortable, homey environment in the IU Health Arnett Center of Hope, a program dedicated to caring for victims of violence.
  • $5,655 for outpatient rehab equipment including iPads loaded with therapy apps, board games, and articulation cards for speech therapy.
  • $1,840 for two sets of CPR simulators, mannequins and other training equipment to run monthly drills across six departments.

IU Health Frankfort Hospital was awarded a grant from the hospital’s Area of Greatest Need fund:

  • $9,085 will be used to pilot a smoking cessation program and support groups for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and other area residents with respiratory-related illnesses. About 20 percent of patients in the west central region who were hospitalized for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) last year were readmitted within 30 days because they continued to use tobacco products.

To learn more about how philanthropy supports the IU Health goal of making Hoosiers healthier, visit iuhealthfoundation.org.