Methodist Nurse Of 33 Years: ‘It’s About Believing In Something Bigger Than Me’

In 33 years as a nurse at IU Health Methodist Hospital, Carol A. Harmon, MSN, BSE, has found the key to her career is not about her but about others.

She was drawn to nursing early. Her grandmother was a nurse and her sister followed on a similar path – practicing as an LPN. We asked Harmon to chat with us about her three decades caring for patients.

Favorite patient story: “There was a 14-year-old girl who was practicing track and field and next thing she knew, she was being sent to Methodist for a heart attack.  She came through open-heart surgery and was in a coma for a while but made it. She graduated from high school this year.”

How do you get through the sad times? “Many good interactions with patients and making a difference. Seeing other nurses making a difference and being told by the patient we make a difference. Not everyone can do this career. My best friend reminds me of this all the time and continues to tell me it is a calling. Having faith and believing in something bigger than me and asking for guidance every day. It is not one thing but being able to draw on multiple support systems.”

What it takes to be a great nurse: “Understanding why you are a nurse and having empathy and sympathy for our patients and peers. Nursing is a service career. We are here for others.”

— By Dana Benbow, Senior Journalist at IU Health.

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