New Nurse: Rachel’s Story – Week 11

New IU Health Methodist Hospital nurse Rachel Ketelaar starts to feel very independent in her 11th week.


  • A very tough day. I had a patient who was delirious and needed to be closely attended to for his own safety and the safety of his caregivers. It was so sad because his family members kept saying he was acting nothing like his normal self. I spent most of the day making sure the patient was safe. We worried he would fall out of bed. Probably the most mentally draining day I’ve had so far. Sometime nurses have to go through a lot.


  • I feel quite independent this week. I am doing much of the work myself, including giving medications, charting, discharging and transferring patients. When I began working with my preceptor, Ty would demonstrate tasks, observe as I completed them, and answer my hundreds of questions. Now, I delegate tasks to Ty so we can get everything done and still ask her lots of questions.
When I began working under a preceptor, Ty (on the right) had to tell me everything to do. Now she has me delegating tasks (thought I still ask plenty of questions).


  • Today I met with my manager, preceptor, and clinical educator to discuss how these past 11 weeks have gone and if I am ready to be on my own. We discussed my strengths and areas that I need to continue to improve. We talked about who to go to if I need help. I feel very supported and encouraged that others see that I am ready to be on my own and am qualified to be a nurse.
  • We have 3 new nurses on my unit. It’s crazy that I’m not the newest nurse right now and it’s so encouraging to see how far I have come. Just 10 weeks ago, I didn’t know where the linen was or where I could find a bandage. Now, I’m able to show them where these things are.
  • Also, my patient who was difficult on Monday was feeling much better and no longer delirious. He remembered me and thanked me for caring for him. It made the craziness of Monday a little better and reminded me that even the hardest patients can be thankful for acts of kindness.

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