Things To Know Before Getting Botox Done

Botox is a popular term which is used by many. This procedure is quite popular among the men and women who want to improve their appearance. It temporarily helps in smoothing out the facial wrinkles and improving the appearance. This is one of the most popular aesthetic procedures which is often used for improving the appearance of the face. There are many important facts that you have to know before getting the Botox done in Oklahoma City.

Things to know before the Botox

If you are considering Botox for the first time, then you will definitely have a lot of questions. If your mind is swirling with many questions, then you will have to read this:

  1. Know where the injectable is coming from

You need to know about the substances that your physician is using for the Botox. The top 3 manufacturers of fillers and neurotoxins like Botox are Merz, Galderma and Allergan. If you want to reduce the risk of getting any contaminated and expired product, you have to visit the website of the manufacturer and search by zip code to check if your physician has obtained the product legally.

  1. Avoid blood-thinning medicines

Most of the physician will tell you to discontinue any anticoagulant medicines such as ibuprofen and aspirin before the Botox treatment. These types of drugs can make the blood thinner and hinder the blood clotting. Besides that, you will have to stop having green tea, fish oil, red wine, cinnamon, multivitamins and ginger. Some of the antioxidants can increase fragility of the blood vessels and prevent clotting of blood.

  1. Dosage may vary

If you have heard that a person is getting a certain amount of dose, it may not be the same for you. The dosage depends on the requirements of your skin. The physician will first verify your skin quality and determine the total dosage needed by you. Generally, the average dose varies from 10 to 25 units. Depending on the skin quality and texture, the dose will be decided.

  1. Bruises can happen but curable

When the Botox is injected in your face, they use finer needles. These needles are superficially injected in your skin. But it can sometimes hit the blood vessel cause bruises. There is no doubt that the black and blue botches look bad but it will disappear after a certain time. So, there is nothing to worry about.

  1. Younger people get better result

If you are opting for the Botox, then you must know that the early birds get better results and benefits. You can get a better results in the late 20s or early 30s than the people in the 40s. Of course, the wrinkles and blush lines can be treated better when they are finer in nature. Once you cross 40, the Botox may not be as effective as it is for the people in the 20s.


These are some of the important things that you have to keep in mind when it comes to Botox in Oklahoma City. If you are from Oklahoma City or surrounding areas you can consult with your Oklahoma City plastic surgeons for further information and dos and don’ts.

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Resident working with family on delivery of number two

When Amanda Parker found out she was pregnant for the second time, she knew exactly where she wanted to go for her obstetrics care—our IU School of Medicine (IUSM) – IU Health Arnett Family Medicine Residency.

Amanda came to IU Health in the middle of her first pregnancy, and she was glad she did. She had many questions that came along with being a first-time mom. She wanted to make sure she was receiving the best care possible for her and baby. At the IUSM – IU Health Arnett Family Medicine Residency, Amanda was able to receive care from a team of dedicated physicians and providers.

“When I was in their care, I was getting the best care possible. I felt respected and never rushed. They answered every question I threw at them,” Amanda said. “I knew I was in great hands from the entire care team.”

Bryan Norkus, MD was joined by IUSM resident, Nicole Moon, DO, to care for both mother and baby throughout the pregnancy resulting in the successful delivery of a very healthy baby boy, RJ.

“I was in labor for 22 hours with RJ. The team that was taking care of me kept me calm throughout the whole process,” Amanda mentioned, “Despite the long labor, because of my care team, I knew that whatever was going to happen was going to be the best possible outcome.”

Amanda and RJ were Dr. Moon’s first obstetrics patients in her residency experience. “Amanda had a great disposition,” Dr. Moon stated, “RJ was my first delivery. The whole journey was such a rewarding experience.” Since then, Dr. Moon has been on an obstetrics rotation, with assisting in over 43 deliveries since her time in the residency program.

Reaching new milestones as he grows up, RJ continues to receive pediatric care at the IU Health Arnett Family Medicine Residency.

When the Parkers found out about baby number two, it was a natural decision to choose where they wanted to go for their obstetrics care. “We are at 8 weeks gestation now,” Amanda mentions, “I have a strong feeling that it is a girl this time around!”

The IU Health Arnett Family Medicine Residency looks forward to continuing these multiple levels of care for the entire Parker family during this exciting journey.

Advantages Of Water Filters

There are several advantages when you decide to install water filters in your homes. Hence, it is not surprising that we come across water filters in almost every home. However, there are still many homes that do not have the right knowledge and information about the various benefits of using a water filter for your home. You can either go in for Point of Entry water filter or Point of Use water filter. The former is fixed at the entrance of the water supply for the entire home. On the other hand, Point of Use lead water filters is installed either in the kitchen, bathroom or other specific places in homes. Whether it is POE or POU water filters, there are many benefits and advantages. We will have a look at a few of them for the benefit of our readers and information seekers.

Main Advantages of Water Filters

They have the capacity of removing dangerous substances from your water supply source. When you invest in a good water filter, you can be sure that it will be able to take care of a wide range of contaminants and pollutants of your drinking water. It could range from arsenic concentration, high levels of chlorine, fluoride, iron and various other metals. On the other hand, it also can help kill potentially dangerous pathogenic bacteria and viruses. Therefore, once you have a good water filter in place, you can be sure about the quality of water that is available to you and your family members. The taste of the water will also improve and therefore it will be a win-win situation for all members of the family.

Improve Odor And Taste

When you can remove chlorine, fluoride, iron and other organic chemicals and sediments, the taste of your water will also improve significantly. It will no longer be negatively impacted by the presence of these unwanted impurities. You also can enjoy freshwater round the clock from your tap.

Reduce Bottled Water Consumption

You will also be able to do away with or reduce the consumption of bottled water. This will result in significant savings when it is calculated every year. Further, you also will be contributing positively to the environment because you will not be responsible for generating plastic waste continuously.


Though the initial investment in legionella water filters may look high, you will save on the long term costs. Your family will be healthier and you will have fewer visits to doctors and you will spend lesser on medicines. Further, you can also be sure that filtered water is good for your health and helps you to remain hydrated throughout the day. It is also a good way to keep your hair and skin healthy and you will also be free from the harmful effects of hard and chlorinated water.


However, there are a few disadvantages of using a water filter. The output of water will be slower when compared to water that comes gushing out from the tap. Hence, you may have to spend time using the water or should have storage facilities to take care of the water requirements of a family. Maintenance is also a problem that cannot be avoided

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New Nurse: Rachel’s Story – Week 12

Rachel Ketelaar, a new nurse at Methodist Hospital, wraps up her twelfth week on the job and is ready to start working on her own without a preceptor.


  • I am a mix of excitement and nerves as I start my last week with a preceptor. This week, I am with a different preceptor, Teagan. She is so sweet and supportive. Thankfully, I have had the chance to solidify a lot of tasks, like hanging blood and admitting someone from the ED. I’m reminded I still have a lot to learn. I had never suctioned out a trach before this week and I’m thankful Teagan could teach me how to do that.


  • I asked a nursing friend what it was like to be on her own. She told me she hasn’t been sleeping well the nights before she works because she is thinking about work. We agreed it’s intimidating how much we still don’t know and can learn only by practicing. Still, I’m excited, because I have been studying and preparing my whole school career to be a nurse and now am achieving my goal! I have one more day with Teagan and then I am officially working without a preceptor. I can’t believe it!


  • Today was such a reassuring day to end on. I did admissions and discharges and also practiced suctioning out a trach and inserting catheters. My preceptor was so encouraging and reassured me over and over that I am ready to do this.
  • I still am figuring out how best to schedule my day and keep on top of charting and the small tasks that need to be done. I think that will only come with time. In these 12 weeks, I have learned a lot, but not everything.
  • I like that other nurses, doctors, physical therapists, etc. are remembering my name and recognize me as part of the unit. I like that A2N feels like family. I feel 80% ready and 20% nervous for next week when I’m on my own. But it’s comforting that I’m surrounded by wonderful people who are going to walk alongside me as I continue my profession as a nurse.
Finally got a photo of me in Methodist’s unusual palm tree court! It’s been an amazing first 12 weeks as a new nurse. Starting next week I’m on my own (without a preceptor). I appreciate everyone following my story!

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