Facts to Know about Domestic Water Filtration System

A water filtration system is essential in every house today. This is because numerous diseases are been caused by impure water like Cholera and diarrhea. It is an absolute necessity in every household. Not only diseases but there are hygiene issues too.


Water Filters


The main aim of water filters is to remove any kind of impurity from water and making it suitable for consumption. The filtration process generally takes place with the help of either chemical methods or plastic barriers. Filters do not just clean water for drinking purposes but it also cleans it to be used for irrigation purposes, aquariums, and also for swimming pools.


Point of Entry Water Filtration


Point of entry filtration is a type of water filtration system which starts filtering the water even before it reaches the water tap of your house. In this filtration process, the water filter connects itself to the main water line. This filtration system functions as the main water purifying system of the house.


This purifies water directly from the waterline and then sends the water to the taps of your house ensuring safe drinking water. This system is best for that have many faucets in the house in different places. This will make sure each facet of your house is providing you with clean, purified, and fresh drinking water.


Point of entry water filtration is a great way to control and monitor the water consumption or any water needs from one single centralized location of your house. This type of water filter is a great investment for your house as you do not have to think about changing or cleaning the water filters of your house.


Benefits of Point of Entry Water Filtration System


A single tap filter is generally not enough for the entire house. Point of entry filtration is needed in cases when you have numerous taps around your house. Here are a few benefits of point of entry filtration.


Chalky Deposit


Generally in hard water areas where the water has higher levels of iron and magnesium, it is seen that the water leaves white chalky marks on pipes, toilets, and taps. With time these white deposits keep layering and slows down the flow of water. This can be avoided with the help of a POE filtration system as the water is being filtered even before it reaches the taps.




A POE filtration system helps is purifying water directly from the waterline as a result of which you get fresh and purified drinking water from each facet of your house.


Bacteria and Virus


Bacteria and microorganisms are present in water and can be the cause of numerous diseases. Installing a point of entry filtration system means you do not have to worry about cleaning your filter for bacteria and virus. The water that is flowing inside your house is already being filtered by the POE water filtration and only filtered water reaches the faucets of your house.


Filtered water is healthy and can be consumed without any fear. Installing a point-of-entry water filtration system will relieve you from cleaning or sanitizing any of your filters as only pure water will reach the taps or your house and you will get to drink fresh and purified water every day.


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