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Sky Ortho is an orthodontist based out of Oklahoma. They successfully serve their patients from the entire Oklahoma City area. Sky Ortho has extensive experience with all different types of patients. Their patients range from children to adults. They have been known to help patients in need of orthodontic services such as braces and Invisalign. With a range of techniques to achieve the best results for patients, they have been successfully recommended for their gentle but effective treatments. Obtaining the best smile is the goal of any patient, and with the right orthodontist in Oklahoma City, this is made possible. 


Dr. Larson at Sky Ortho knows how to treat patients and help them achieve their optimal smile. The office helps advise families at the right time for adolescents to get braces. There are many different tips and techniques that only qualified orthodontists know from their training and real-life experience. Speaking with a qualified orthodontist will enable you to understand and evaluate the best options for your child’s smile. An alternative way to straighten teeth in addition to traditional braces is Invisalign. 


The technology of Invisalign is unique. The process begins with an initial digital scan of the teeth. Once a digitals scan is performed, the next step is to create a customized plan for the patient. Once a personalized plan has been outlined, the next step is to create the custom, BPA-free aligners. Invisalign allows patients the ability to straighten their teeth without the look of traditional braces. Many patients may be self-conscious about their teeth and therefore may not want to receive traditional braces. Invisalign works by inserting aligners that are virtually invisible into the patient’s mouth. The patient wears these retainers for most of the day, and therefore this method effectively straightens teeth. Every few weeks, the patient receives new trays that help their smile become straighter. 


This is an exciting process as patients can watch their smiles transform with each tray. Teeth typically can move 0.25mm per each tray that is used. Invisalign in Shawnee OK allows patients to remove the trays when they eat and therefore reinsert them when they are finished. It’s a simple process that enables patients to go about their daily routines with ease. This is a fantastic alternative to traditional braces for interested patients. The office can help patients and families decide which method of teeth straightening is best.


Sky Ortho also treats adults. Many individuals think an orthodontist is only needed for young adults and adolescents. However, this is not the case. Many adults require orthodontic services to achieve a straighter smile. Sky Ortho helps patients to create their best smiles. Patients can feel confident and secure about their smiles. Treatment at Sky Ortho is convenient and straightforward. The process of achieving a straighter smile does not need to be complicated. With the assistance of the skilled associates at Sky Ortho, making the perfect smile is possible.

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