This patient is thankful to be part of transplant history

For the first time in IU Health history – a team completed 30 kidney transplants in a single month.

By IU Health Senior Journalist T.J. Banes,

At a recent outpatient clinic visit, Beverly Mays talked about her plans in the coming weeks.

“Instead of a scoop, I can have a plate full,” said Mays, of Argos, Ind. She’s ready for a Thanksgiving feast at the home of her husband’s sister. She’s been married for three years to Mark Mays and has two adult sons.

For the past 15 years, Mays has struggled with poor health – including a lack of appetite – a result of polycystic kidney disease. An inherited disorder, the disease is characterized by clusters of cysts that develop in the kidneys.

On October 31, Mays became the 30th kidney transplant at IU Health for the month. The transplant marks a record for both IU Health and Indiana. Mays is under the care of IU Health nephrologist Dr. Muhammad Yaqub, transplant surgeon Dr. Andrew Lutz, and clinical transplant coordinator Monica Robinson.

IU Health has a nationally recognized organ transplant team that cares for patients before, during and after transplant. All work together to give patients the best possible outcomes. In addition to some 500 transplants performed annually, IU Health is known as a healthcare facility where other specialists from across the country refer patients. Last year, more than 200 kidney transplants were performed at IU Health.

Mays is one of three family members who received a kidney transplant. Her mother and her sister – also diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease – received transplants. Mays was on peritoneal dialysis for a year and half before she received her transplant.

“On my worst days I was just exhausted,” said Mays. “Now with a healthy kidney I’m looking forward to eating food without looking at the label first and being able to venture from my house after 6 p.m. On dialysis I couldn’t go more than 20 feet away.”