Facts to Know about Domestic Water Filtration System

A water filtration system is essential in every house today. This is because numerous diseases are been caused by impure water like Cholera and diarrhea. It is an absolute necessity in every household. Not only diseases but there are hygiene issues too.


Water Filters


The main aim of water filters is to remove any kind of impurity from water and making it suitable for consumption. The filtration process generally takes place with the help of either chemical methods or plastic barriers. Filters do not just clean water for drinking purposes but it also cleans it to be used for irrigation purposes, aquariums, and also for swimming pools.


Point of Entry Water Filtration


Point of entry filtration is a type of water filtration system which starts filtering the water even before it reaches the water tap of your house. In this filtration process, the water filter connects itself to the main water line. This filtration system functions as the main water purifying system of the house.


This purifies water directly from the waterline and then sends the water to the taps of your house ensuring safe drinking water. This system is best for that have many faucets in the house in different places. This will make sure each facet of your house is providing you with clean, purified, and fresh drinking water.


Point of entry water filtration is a great way to control and monitor the water consumption or any water needs from one single centralized location of your house. This type of water filter is a great investment for your house as you do not have to think about changing or cleaning the water filters of your house.


Benefits of Point of Entry Water Filtration System


A single tap filter is generally not enough for the entire house. Point of entry filtration is needed in cases when you have numerous taps around your house. Here are a few benefits of point of entry filtration.


Chalky Deposit


Generally in hard water areas where the water has higher levels of iron and magnesium, it is seen that the water leaves white chalky marks on pipes, toilets, and taps. With time these white deposits keep layering and slows down the flow of water. This can be avoided with the help of a POE filtration system as the water is being filtered even before it reaches the taps.




A POE filtration system helps is purifying water directly from the waterline as a result of which you get fresh and purified drinking water from each facet of your house.


Bacteria and Virus


Bacteria and microorganisms are present in water and can be the cause of numerous diseases. Installing a point of entry filtration system means you do not have to worry about cleaning your filter for bacteria and virus. The water that is flowing inside your house is already being filtered by the POE water filtration and only filtered water reaches the faucets of your house.


Filtered water is healthy and can be consumed without any fear. Installing a point-of-entry water filtration system will relieve you from cleaning or sanitizing any of your filters as only pure water will reach the taps or your house and you will get to drink fresh and purified water every day.


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Types Of Lead Filters Available: How Can They Help?

Lead is present in abundance in the water and it can cause some real health hazards with it. The presence of lead in water can pose some serious issues or threats to your health. Lead is a kind of neurotoxin which is found in most of the building material pipes. Though the pipes are now not made up of such substances but there are many older buildings and infrastructures that still have those pipes. The degradation of these pipes have caused heavy amount of lead in the water supply. There are some filters that can filter out the lead to a great extent. Before you buy a water filter, here are some of the information that you need to know.

Types of lead filtration

Choosing the right filtration system is very important to remove the lead from the water. As you may already know lead can cause several health issues such as – neurological problems, brain damage, attention disorder, reduced IQ and delay in the mental and physical development. You need to ensure that you are using one of these filtration systems to get rid of the lead from your water:

  1. Reverse Osmosis (RO)

RO is one of the most widely used methods to reduce the level of lead in water. It is also the cheapest method for removing lead effectively from your drinking water. Though complete RO is not available as it can be quite expensive, this filtration system can do its job quite properly. Partial reverse osmosis can eliminate up to 95% of the lead from water.

  1. Activated Carbon Filtration

The activated carbon can absorb heavy metals such as magnesium and lead effectively. These two materials in the water can be a harmful contaminant. After repeated use, the carbon filtration can get filled up quickly. You need to replace this frequently to ensure that the filter is working perfectly all the time.

  1. Distillation filtration

This is another filtration method that can provide you with the purest form of water. This is also one of the most expensive methods that can remove the lead from the water. This method is quite effective as it can remove the lead from the water even after using it for many days or months. The only drawbacks to this filtration are that it uses a lot of electricity and also takes a lot of time to filter the water.

Final Words

So, these are some of the best types of lead filters that you can use. You need to buy one of the best lead water filters for your home which can help you to filter out most of the lead from the water. You can check the features and specifications of the filtration system to know which one will be the best for you. Check each and every detail of the lead filter. Before you buy the best lead water filter for your home to protect your family from the health threats of the lead, you need to do complete research. This is a crucial decision to make and you need to ensure that you are taking the right decision whatsoever.

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Benefits Of Chiropractic Care In Sports: Why To Hire A Sports Chiropractor?

Sports, as we all know, require a lot of straining exercises, running, jumping etc. There are more chances of getting injured in the sports than in normal day to day life. Most of these injuries are musculoskeletal related issues. To instantly get relief from the back pains, shoulder pains or neck pains, a sports chiropractor is very much essential. If you are wondering why you need to hire a Frisco chiropractor who is specialized in sports, then you need to know the benefits of having one. Read on to know all the important benefits.

Why do you need sports chiropractor?

You will need a sports chiropractor because of many reasons. Some of them are:

  1. Prevention of the future injuries

The main reason why you will need a sports chiropractor is because it can help to prevent the injuries caused while playing. Of course, the chances of getting injured are quite high. But prevention is always better than cure. So, a chiropractor can help you in preventing the injuries fixing some of the structural alignment properly.

  1. Specialized professional care

Of course, as mentioned earlier, sportsmen are more prone to injuries than anyone else. Hence, it is very important to hire someone who can take care of the sportsmen like a professional. Hiring one of the best sports chiropractors can help you to relieve the pains and headaches as well as to correct the postures too.

  1. More focus on the positions

The positions are very important when it comes to sports. Incorrect posture or wrong positions can lead to several health issues such as neck pain and back pain. With the help of the sports chiropractor, you can be more focused on the positions and postures.

  1. Better and more enhanced performance

One of the most important benefits of the sports chiropractor is that they help you in enhancing your performance for better. This can help you to improve the mobility and do better in sports. They can help you in getting more strength and it can also prevent injuries to a great extent. All these can actually help in improvising your current form and make it better.

  1. Making essential adjustments

Even when the players are not feeling any pain, there can be an issue with the musculoskeletal structure. So, the professional sports chiropractor can help you by making some essential adjustments that are important for your better performance. This can also help in gaining the optimum capacity that you have.

Final Words

So, these are some of the benefits of the sports chiropractor. You need to hire one of these sports chiropractors in Frisco TX to get the best benefits. They offer focused treatments that focus on the root cause of your problems. With the help of these chiropractor cares, you can get instant relief from the pain and injuries that you may often face while playing. Before you hire one of the best chiropractors for sports, make sure to check their experience, background and past performances to get the best. A bit of research is very important to get the best outcome.

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Benefits Of Toddler Chiropractor: Is It Safe To Use?

If you think that chiropractors are only meant for adults, then you are wrong. Even there are some toddler chiropractors who can take care of the toddlers. Young children also need chiropractor due to many reasons. Many parents do not know or understand the needs of the chiropractors for the toddlers. But before you take your children to a chiropractor, make sure that toddler or pediatric chiropractor is well-skilled and experienced. Without that, you cannot get the best result.

Benefits of a toddler chiropractor

There are some amazing benefits of the chiropractors for toddlers. If you are worried about the benefits incurred by them, here are some of the examples:

  1. Helps in better sleep

You must have heard that many toddlers face the sleep problems. There are times when you will see that the children do not get enough sleep at night. For this, you will need to contact the OKC chiropractor for toddlers. You must understand that they use drug-free methods to treat the problems. hence it is always better than that of the normal medical procedures.

  1. Improve the immunity system

One of the main benefits of choosing the best chiropractor for the toddler is that it can improve the child’s immunity system to a great extent. It can help the child who is suffering from the cold or the infection. This can support your child to have a normal and efficient immunity function.

  1. Support the nervous system

The benefits of choosing one of the best and most amazing chiropractors for your toddlers can help you in supporting the nervous system. The chiropractors can rectify the spinal alignment so that the spine is in the correct position all the time. This can prevent many nervous system errors.

  1. Better development of brain

One of the most effective benefits of choosing a chiropractic treatment can help your kid to have a better brain functionality. Brain development can help you in improving the focus and reducing the hyperactivity. The kid needs proper brain development with the age.

Choosing the right chiropractor

When you are choosing a toddler chiropractor in Oklahoma City, you have to make sure that you are choosing the best one. For choosing the best, you need to make sure that the chiropractor is professionally very experienced and has the maximum skills. When the chiropractor has great experience, they have better skills. Also, the chances are higher that they might have dealt with similar cases before.


Here are some of the amazing benefits of the toddler chiropractor. If you think that the chiropractors are only meant for the adults or elderly people, then you are wrong. The chiropractors can help everyone, regardless of the age and gender. If you find that your kid is having difficulty in understanding, sleeping or feeling calm, then chiropractors can be a great way. They are a completely drug-free medical treatment that can help you in solving the issues efficiently. But make sure to choose a chiropractor who is highly experienced and well-skilled in nature to get the best result.

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What You Can Expect from a Paediatric Chiropractor?

Paediatric patients can be benefited greatly from Chiropractic care. But there are many patients who are unaware of the chiropractic treatment. This treatment can help the parents to grow their children healthy and strong. Chiropractic care is very much essential for the upbringing and good health of your children. It is very much beneficial for your child’s overall wellness. So, it is very much important to choose the best, experienced and qualified paediatric chiropractor in Frisco TX.


This treatment is very much therapeutic for the children who have been injured in an accident or playing sports. Here is an overview of what you should expect from a paediatric chiropractor:


1. Spinal manipulation:


The spinal manipulation can help you to restore alignment of the spines. It is very much effective for your kids. The spinal problem can give you too much trouble. The process of birth can also add spine trauma for a new born baby. It can lead to some new born health issues such as colic, reflux acid and problems with breastfeeding as well. For these reasons, many parents take their babies to the paediatric chiropractor. They will ensure the proper spinal alignment and alleviate problems with sitting, crawling and walking in future.


2. Accidental injury:


Every parent take care their children all the time. But accidents may happen. It is just a matter of time or fraction of seconds. Due to accidents, some injuries are far more serious than others. Some playground incidents and car accidents can cause spinal, joint and nerve problems. It can seriously impact their overall health as well. So, if your child is involved in a serious accident or so, then you need to take immediate appointment with a paediatric chiropractor in order to check the spinal status of your children as soon as possible. The regular chiropractic adjustment can treat the sustainable injuries as well. From this treatment, you can expect proper healing and help you to relieve pain.


3. Stress:


We all know that childhood is a carefree time for all of us. But children are always out of stress. If your children show some signs and symptoms of being stressed out by school or showing some changing behaviours at home, then you should go to a paediatric chiropractor. They will guide you and help you with some chiropractic adjustments. These will help you and give you enough benefits as well. If your children are facing with emotional behavioural disorders then after receiving regular treatment, they can be benefitted.


The pediatric chiropractic treatment in Frisco can also help you to solve your children immune system and sleep disorder problems. The nervous system can control everything in our body. So, it is very much essential to focus on the brain function and spinal cord movements. The qualified and experienced paediatric chiropractor will help you in this matter. The health and happiness of your kids are most important things. The proper chiropractic care can change your kid’s lifestyle and help them by providing good growth and healthy habits. It will change their behaviour and help them to lead a strong and healthy life as well.


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Changes occurring to Outpatient Services

Changes are occurring often to IU Health Arnett Outpatient Services as we work to slow the spread of the Coronavirus and flatten the curve. These decisions are being made to help consolidate resources, protect our front-line team members and preserve personal protective equipment (PPE).

IU Health is open and we want to continue to provide for your needs. We encourage you to stay home, practice social distancing, wash your hands and frequently touched surfaces often. If you need us please consider utilizing our Virtual Care App or call 765.448.8100 to schedule a virtual appointment with your primary care provider or specialist.



  • Lab services at the Medical Office on Ferry Street, Lafayette.
  • Lab services at the Medical Office on Walter Scholer Drive, Lafayette.

Primary Care Offices

  • IU Health Arnett Medical Office in Otterbein is closed to in-office visits. Please schedule a virtual visit.
  • IU Health Arnett Medical Office on Walter Scholer Drive in Lafayette is closed to in-office visits. Please schedule a virtual visit.


  • Ultrasound and x-ray services at the Medical Office Building on Greenbush Street, Lafayette.
  • X-ray services at the Medical Office Building on Hoke Avenue in Frankfort.
  • X-ray services at the Medical Office Building on Walter Scholer Drive, Lafayette.

Urgent Care

  • Urgent Care located at 1 Walther Scholer Drive, Lafayette.

You may receive care for all immediate care for non-life-threatening illnesses or injuries at the IU Health Arnett Urgent Care located in West Lafayette during their normal business hours, 8 am – 8 pm daily. View Urgent Care wait times and save your spot in line on our website at iuhealth.org/urgentcare.

If your medical condition is life-threatening, go to the nearest emergency department or call 911.



IU Health Arnett Family Medicine and Walk-In Services located on Hoke Avenue in Frankfort will operate on a Monday through Friday schedule, 8 am – 8 pm.

A Message to Our Patients

Nothing is more important to us than your health and safety, especially in times like these. We have always valued the trust you place in us and in our skilled physicians, nurses and team members who bring an unmatched commitment to delivering the highest quality, safest and most compassionate care.

IU Health is doing everything possible to combat COVID-19—adding new resources, protecting our team members, and working around the clock to adapt to the ever-changing situation. We have a great deal of experience with challenging diseases and are ready to handle anything that comes our way. Working with the Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), we have made sure that all proper procedures are in place across our system to protect everyone in our care.

We are incredibly grateful to you and our communities for your amazing support. Mostly, we are moved by the courage, hope and skills of our team members, who are making the difference to so many people throughout Indiana and beyond.

Below are some of the frequently asked questions that IU Health has received.

Can I get tested for the coronavirus (COVID-19)?

We understand that many people are interested in getting tested and that there is a lot of confusion around testing availability and procedures. Here’s the most important information you need now on this topic.

Public testing is not available at this time because testing resources are limited. To make sure that tests are available for those most in need, we are focusing on high-risk, seriously ill patients and health care workers who may have come in contact with the virus. This approach matches the guidelines set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Indiana State Department of Health.

If you are experiencing symptoms or think you may have COVID-19, you should first get screened by using the free IU Health Virtual Visit app or by calling your doctor. Symptoms include: a new cough, fever, shortness of breath, sore throat, vomiting, diarrhea, or muscles aches within the past 14 days.

What is IU Health doing to provide safe, quality care to the community?

To slow the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), IU Health quickly created a 24/7 virtual screening center and trained more than 270 IU Health nurses to staff it.

In three weeks, we have screened more than 20,000 Hoosiers, providing most with the peace of mind that they did not have COVID-19. But we were also there for more than 1,000 who were directed to isolate themselves. There were also 75 patients that we directed to seek additional medical care, helping them to secure the help they needed while reducing the risk of further spread and exposure.

Where can I find the latest, most accurate updates on the coronavirus (COVID-19)?

To provide you with the latest updates from the most trusted sources, we have created an online resource center that is updated regularly. There, you will find helpful information from our expert physicians about steps you can take to prevent the spread of the virus and how to get a free screening if you think you have it.

It’s important to know that at this time the best medical advice is simple: wash your hands and practice social distancing by staying at home, avoiding crowds and refraining from touching one another.

For additional, up-to-the-minute information and helpful information for keeping yourself and your family safe during this time, please follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Is IU Health open for other health care needs?

Yes. If you would like to schedule an appointment, please use the IU Health provider directory to find a doctor and call to schedule an appointment.

IU Health remains committed to providing all patients the highest quality of care. Our skilled professionals are adjusting plans and procedures to best meet the needs of everyone in our communities. Here is what you can count on:

Primary Care. We are now seeing most primary care patients virtually or by telephone when appropriate. Our team will work with you to determine the best way to safely care for you. Click on the link to make a primary care appointment.

Urgent Care. Most IU Health urgent care centers are open and ready to see patients. Click on the link to find one near you.

Emergency Medicine. All IU Health Emergency Departments are open and seeing patients in need of emergency care. Click on the link to find the closest IU Health Emergency Department near you.

Orthopedics. While many procedures have been postponed, our team is available to help you determine the best way to connect with us on care. Click on the link to find a provider and schedule an appointment.

If you have a question about making an appointment or seeing a physician, please feel free to contact our offices directly. Contact information can be found on the IU Health provider directory.

As always, we at IU Health are here to provide the highest level of care at all times…whether the need is personal or community-wide. And while that might be our job, to the thousands of us that work here, it’s much more than that. It’s our mission, our calling. We are grateful for your trust and support. Together, following the medical advice of our expert physicians to wash hands and practice social distancing, we will get through this. And we promise that we won’t rest until we do.

Are you a tobacco user? Do you vape? Risk factors with the COVID-19 pandemic

IU Health Social Worker and Tobacco Cessation Counselor Danielle Barwise offers help to patients who vape or are tobacco users. They could be at a higher risk for COVID-19 symptoms.

By IU Health Senior Journalist T.J. Banes, tfender1@iuhealth.org.

Want to quit using? We can help.

That’s the message from IU Health Social Worker and Tobacco Cessation Counselor Danielle Barwise. The research isn’t abundant since the outbreak is fairly new. But studies are beginning to show that tobacco users could be at greater risk when contracting COVID-19, than non-tobacco users, said Barwise.

One study in the New England Journal of Medicine looked at 1,099 patients in China with COVID-19. Of that number 173 had severe symptoms, 16.9 percent of them were current smokers and 5.2 percent had previously smoked. Another recent study evaluated 78 patients who tested positive for COVID-19; 27 percent of those whose condition declined had a history of smoking tobacco. The article attributes several factors to the progression of the disease including age, history of smoking, and respiratory failure. Lung damage or lung vulnerability can further contribute to respiratory distress, as part of the virus.

For the past two years Barwise has been helping IU Health patients quit smoking through tobacco treatment consultations. Physicians, nurses and medical assistants generally refer patients to Barwise. She also takes referrals from IU Health North’s Schwarz Cancer Center. She averages five patients a day, about 140 active patients at any given time.

As part of the counseling Barwise focuses on encouraging patients to make choices that help them regain control over their health. Patients learn that smoking is a behavior and an addiction to nicotine. They are urged to set goals – find reasons to quit, strategize for change, and keep a log of their tobacco use. Patients also receive support in dealing with stress and identifying and coping with triggers for smoking.

“Since the outbreak of COVID-19 I have noticed a small spike in interest from current patients wanting to quit tobacco use,” said Barwise. Patients can call 317-944-Quit or email stoptobacco@iuhealth.org for assistance.

As part of the tobacco cessation program Barwise asks patients a number of questions to gauge their interest in quitting the use of tobacco. She also conducts a carbon monoxide test that provides a baseline of carbon monoxide in the body based on tobacco use. Patients receive resources to help them quit smoking and Barwise follows up with them every two-three weeks, following their progress.

“It’s too soon to know if interest will translate into action but patients are opening up conversations about the virus and how it impacts them. I understand people turn to things like smoking because it’s a coping mechanism during stressful times. I would encourage them to find other ways to cope. If you’ve been looking for an opportunity to quit, this is it.”

Intensive care nurse: “I failed in my attempt not to cry”

This is not something any healthcare practitioner imagines. COVID-19 is their worst-case scenario; it’s their nightmare. Yet they tirelessly give day in and day out – even when they have lives outside the hospital. Here’s how one nurse is coping.

By IU Health Senior Journalist T.J. Banes, tfender1@iuhealth.org

First it’s important to remember that she is human. She’s not SUPER human; she’s human. Second it’s important to remember that she is a nurse – caring for the most critical patients.

Fortunately for Brandie Kopsas-Kingsley she’s not going it alone. She is surrounded by other IU Health professionals who frequently ask: “How are you doing?”

Kopsas-Kingsley is one of the caregivers on the front lines of COVID-19. As a shift coordinator of IU Health University Hospital’s medical intensive care unit and a member of the hospital’s rapid response team she is often one of the last caregivers to look into a patient’s eyes.

It’s a role she doesn’t take lightly. It’s a role that comes with a tremendous amount of responsibility. She once helped organize an honor walk for a patient who chose to become an organ donor and more than once she has been at the bedside of a dying patient consoling family members.

Kopsas-Kingsley began her career at IU Health in 2009 as a unit secretary when she was in nursing school. Her role took her up through the healthcare system – as a certified nursing assistant, a licensed practical nurse, and then a registered nurse. She completed her capstone in the medical intensive care unit and has remained there ever since. Her caregiving role has earned her Daisy Award Nominations and Distinguished Nurse recognition.

“When you join the healthcare field, you commit to being a lifelong learner. We are constantly searching for ways to improve our practice, provide better care, and raise up the nursing profession,” said Kopsas-Kingsley. “That said, the amount of information and evidence that we’re processing daily is profound. We’ve spent a lot of time learning and asking new questions.”

The COVID-19 pandemic has added a new layer to her role as a nurse. For the health and safety of patients and staff, IU Health has temporarily restricted visitors. That took on new meaning for Kopsas-Kingsley recently when she made the phone call to a family en route to visit a young patient.

“It was something I’ll never forget. Our unit provided lifesaving care to this patient who succumbed to the disease process. The team worked extremely hard to provide the best care possible in a difficult situation,” said Kopsas-Kingsley. She is close to her coworkers and said they rely on each other for support. In a group picture taken during “Nursing Week” last year, they are all smiling. “Our unit is accustomed to medical alerts and end-of-life scenarios, but the current environment imposes new obstacles.”

With no family by the patient’s side, Kopsas-Kingsley made the call. The family put her on speaker in their car and discussed the next steps.

“It’s always difficult to have these conversations. Never in a million years does someone wake up and hope they get to have these discussions. As I heard the family members weep, I provided comfort and support. I failed in my attempt not to cry but I was able to say, ‘we are profoundly sorry for your loss.’”

And at the end of her shift, Kopsas-Kingsley goes home to her grandmother, her husband, Tommie and their two children Amelia, 6 and Aristotle, 3.

Their home is busy. Amelia is in Kindergarten and participates in Greek School and Girl Scouts. They are in the midst of potty training Aristotle who is in preschool. Her husband is a stay-at-home dad so the children have been accustomed to some social distancing, keeping busy with various educational activities. As a wife and mother, Kopsas-Kingsley finds peace in simple things – making blanket forts and walking in the woods with her family, caring for her plants and eating pancakes on a Sunday morning.

She knows that the next day she will return to work and will again face the fear of the pandemic.

The medical intensive care and medical progressive care units at IU Health have hosted COVID-19 simulations and debriefs so that all staff members can practice proper isolation techniques and have time to ask questions, voice concerns and provide recommendations. Kopsas-Kingsley has worked with groups to help identify specific patient needs and work through emergency response plans.

Whens she sees social media posts by hospital workers that read: “We stay here for you; stay home for us,” it hits its mark with her.

“I think about how best to respond when someone says, ‘everyone is overreacting.’ My main concern is how can I can respond without getting angry or insulting because then people won’t listen,” said Kopsas-Kingsley. Here’s her message:

  • COVID spreads very easily and a lot of children and young adults don’t show symptoms, therefore this is not a time to have sleepovers and parties.
  • When you don’t quarantine or take this seriously, you are putting others at risk – especially frontline responders.
  • This is not a drill. They are seriously shutting down the world. Once it’s out we can’t reel it back in.
  • If you know someone with health problems such as asthma, COPD, cancer or diabetes, think about how much they matter to you.

“We’ve had a lot of candid conversations at the hospital about how we feel and what we fear. We see things happening around the world and even in our country,” said Kopsas-Kingsley. “If we do not support each other and provide an environment where we can be honest and vulnerable, then we aren’t going to make it. Adaptability and resiliency are essential.”

Social worker helps cancer patients navigate their diagnosis and healing

Diane Monceski has worked at IU Health for 16 years dedicating her career in social work to helping cancer patients at IU Health Simon Cancer Center.

By IU Health Senior Journalist T.J. Banes, tfender1@iuhealth.org

It’s no coincidence that Diane Monceski enjoys working puzzles – Sudoku, Criptoquip, and Jigsaw.

“My role feels so natural. It’s like a puzzle – trying to help someone navigate the way, to help them hold the pieces together,” said Monceski. “We see people with a lot of different circumstances and I think I’m pretty good at appreciating where they are.”

Monceski’s career in social work started 16 years ago at IU Health Methodist Hospital working with pulmonary and oncology patients. Monceski knew early on she wanted to focus on caring for oncology patients.

In 2012 she moved to IU Health Simon Cancer Center where she joins two other social workers – Janet Hoyer and Melissa Renbarger. Their focus is to provide assistance with counseling, lodging, transportation, family support, financial/insurance, and legal aid. They also encourage patients to focus on their own strength, abilities and interests.

“We’re here to try to help people overcome any barriers to their care,” said Monceski, who grew up in Illinois and received her undergraduate degree from Illinois State University and her master’s degree from IUPUI. She was recently the recipient of the Maynard K. Hine Award recognizing individual alumni who have made significant contributions in support of the IUPUI campus and its alumni program. She is married to Dan, the mother to a daughter Kristin, and a son Michael. She also has three grandsons.

“I chose social work because I always felt reducing stress was an important part of health. If I could help people reduce stress while going through medical issues that would be help them get more out of their health care,” said Monceski. “I’ve always been really interested in body mind connection. As I researched careers I found social workers were the ones who did that.”

March is “Social Work Month,” a time to recognize people like Monceski as part of a healthcare team. This year marks the 65th
anniversary of the National Association of Social Workers with a theme, “Social Workers: Generations Strong.”

The social work team receives referrals from doctors, nurses, and other caregivers. The needs range helping secure lodging for out-of-town patients, to providing emotional support for family members.

“The thing I like the best is you get to connect with people at an overwhelming time and we can’t fix everything but we can make it better,” said Monceski. “We are able to help people chip away at that pile of things that are going on – ‘What am I going to do about my job, my health, my kids?’ Each time they overcome a barrier it gives them hope to get through it. The other thing I like about my job is the caliber people we work with. Doctors, nurses and the entire staff is so passionate about our patients and you can tell everyone who works here wants to be here and the patients see it too.”