LifeLine Nurse: “I Like the Patient Variety.”

Erin Montgomery started her career at IU Health Methodist Hospital eight years ago. For the past six years she has worked as a critical care transport nurse for LifeLine. She says the best thing about her job is the patient variety.

“We do pediatrics and neonatal. The neo-natal side was new for me so it was a big learning curve,” said White, 32, who is married to John Montgomery, an air traffic controller.

Here is more about Montgomery:

  • She also worked as a pediatric intensive care nurse at Children’s National Hospital in Washington, D.C.
  • She is part of a The Pediatric Community Outreach Mobile Education team that travels to hospitals throughout the state providing training to emergency room physcians and nurses to prepare them to stabilize pediatric patients.
  • What makes her a good nurse: “Experience, and always willing to learn something new. I also learn a lot by training others.”
  • Her hobbies: “I love to read and run (she has competed in half marathons).”
  • About flying aboard LifeLine helicopters: “I was nervous before my first flight. There’s no good way to describe it – it’s not like flying on an airplane or being on a roller coaster – it’s the fear of the unknown, but we have phenomenal pilots.
  • Something few people know about her: “I used to be addicted to buying ‘as seen on TV stuff.’ I buy them because I want to see if they work. “

– T.J. Banes