White Memorial Grants Announced

Seven projects are receiving funding from the fall round of the Grassroots Grants program at IU Health White Memorial Hospital. The grants are known as “grassroots” because an individual team member with an idea champions the grant application.

Winning grant applications are selected by the White Memorial Philanthropy Council, which assists the IU Health Foundation in its grantsmaking work. This fund has granted an average of $15,000 per year in the 10 years of its existence. The monies are taken from contributions made to the hospital’s area of greatest need fund.

Mary Minier

“Grassroots grants are one of the best ways that we see our charitable dollars at work here at IU Health White Memorial Hospital,” said Mary Minier, president of White Memorial Hospital. “These grants make a huge impact on patient care delivery in our community.” 

The grants were awarded to: 

  • $10,200 for keyless entry supply carts in the emergency department that will decrease the amount of time needed to access emergency equipment.
  • $6,500 for “Bair Huggers,” to warm outpatients before surgery and improve outcomes.
  • $5,800 for whiteboards in each inpatient room to improve communication among physicians, caregivers, patients and their family members.
  • $2,200 to upgrade sleep study mattresses for better patient experiences and more accurate evaluations.
  • $2,100 for a keyless entry/lockable IV cart, which will decrease the time needed to start an intravenous line and ensure safe storage of supplies. 
  • $850 for a new “comfort cart” that delivers food and drinks to families who can’t leave their loved ones.
  • $370 for a carpet extractor/shampoo machine to ensure hospital cleanliness in all carpeted areas.

 To contribute to programs you care about, or learn more about the IU Health Foundation, visit iuhealthfoundation.org.